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Vietnam pay complaints
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Người gửi:  nautilus [ Thứ năm 09/04/09 2:21 pm ]
Tiêu đề bài viết:  Vietnam pay complaints

Published in Nature 458, 791 (8 April 2009) | 10.1038/nj7239-791c

Vietnam pay complaints

Vietnamese science struggles.

The most significant impediments to science in Vietnam are low pay and a paucity of research funding, according to a report by the International Foundation for Science, a research council in Sweden that supports scientists in developing nations. Sixty per cent of respondents in a poll published in the document said that salary was a "serious" or "obstructive" problem. "Vietnamese scientists' salaries are very low and [they] find it difficult to live on their government salaries alone," the report says, adding that 83% of all scientists consider their salary to be inadequate to support a family. For female scientists, it's 89%. The report also cited a lack of funding for research equipment and fieldwork as a significant obstacle to doing good science.


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